Do you know the wireless communication modules? Exactly what is the distinction between them?
Februar 22nd, 2021 by wearin

Along with the rapid enhancement of Online of Items engineering, Web of Items terminal products will also be widely employed in a variety of scenarios. Various software scenarios have unique market needs. Presently, you will discover many styles of wireless communication modules available on the market, that makes a lot of consumers unable to correctly distinguish in between them. Forms of wireless modules, right now I will explain many widespread types of wi-fi communication modules, and the technologies and variations they use.

smart module


Bluetooth is really a wireless communication module. It truly is a wi-fi engineering normal which can know short-distance details exchange involving fixed terminal machines, cell terminal tools and private regional location networks. It takes advantage of two.4~2.485GHZUHF radio wave ISM within the frequency band.

Bluetooth wi-fi engineering is highly complicated, and also the gadget networking pace is rapidly, which only can take ten seconds; the integration and trustworthiness are substantial; the transmission amount is usually 1Mbps; the price is minimal and also the installation is fairly uncomplicated. This is often a short-range wireless interaction know-how.


Wi-Fi wi-fi engineering has distribute in every single aspect of our lives. This can be the most typical wireless interaction know-how we occur into call with just about every day, and it provides excellent comfort to our life. It truly is a wi-fi neighborhood area community technological innovation created based to the IEEE802.11 normal. This technology converts all wired community alerts into radio wave signals, together with other terminal equipment are related to wifi by means of a wi-fi conversation module to realize wi-fi network interaction.

The protection of Wi-Fi know-how is usually inside 100 meters, the engineering is more advanced, the transmission charge can access 54Mbps, the operating frequency band is 2.4GHz, as well as transmission ability is lower than 100mW. In comparison with Bluetooth wi-fi interaction, the info protection functionality is relatively weak. Nonetheless, the invention of WiFi is in line with the requires of modern people and society, and its development prospective clients are incredibly broad.


ZigBee wireless communication technology is actually a low-power area region community protocol centered to the IEEE802.fifteen.4 typical. It had been formally recognized in August 2001. In the starting of its establishment, thanks for the hasty launch of this model, certain faults happened, and enhancements are already built because then.

ZigBee wi-fi conversation engineering is analogous to Bluetooth wireless communication technologies. Both of those are short-range wireless interaction technologies, but Bluetooth wireless communication know-how has cons these types of as substantial electric power intake, high complexity, and quick interaction length, and its software assortment is limited, and it’s commonly used in homes and people today. ZigBee technology was created to satisfy the wants of industrial automation and has the attributes of simple format, anti-interference, trustworthy transmission, easy use, and cheap. The communication length is prolonged to 10 meters. In the opening length to a number of hundred meters, it may possibly access about 50 meters in indoor scenes.

4. Electronic radio

Electronic radio station is often a high-performance skilled facts radio station recognized by DSP digital sign processing know-how and software package wireless level technologies. Digital radio is usually recognized like a communication medium. Like optical fiber and microwave, it has particular makes use of. The transmission distance of electronic radio may be very lengthy, suited to different challenging environments. The transmission charge is 19.2Kbps, even so the terminal products is a lot more expensive, the use price is higher, and the installation is a lot more intricate.

Varieties and discrepancies of wireless communication modules

Based on distinct classification criteria, we can also divide the prevalent wi-fi modules in the marketplace into 3 groups

1. Question superheterodyne module, primarily employed for easy handheld remote control and info transmission;

two. The wi-fi transceiver module is principally accustomed to regulate the wireless knowledge transmission and reception in the single-chip microcomputer, commonly working with FSK and GFSK modulation approaches;

3. The wireless data transmission module mainly sends and gets information right in the serial port, and that is simple to operate. If divided through the running frequency, you will discover ordinarily 230MHz, 315MHz, 433MHz, two.4GHz, and many others. available. Like helium k, sensible homes also use wifi modules to manage residence appliances.

While in the application eventualities on the Net of Items, significant particles are actually shaped within the current market (annual demand from customers exceeds 10 million), predominantly in the fields of smart meters, cellular payments, smart motor vehicles, and wise grids. The expansion in these areas has driven the sizeable growth of your wireless conversation module industry.

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